Do you ship?
Yes, shipping to the contiguous United States is included in the price. For any other locations, send us a zip code and we will give you a quote.

How long does it take to create a piece?
4-6 weeks

Do you make your own buttons?
Each and every one!

How do the interchangeable buttons (Buttons with Benefits) work?
Simply, snap on snap off.

When ordering a starburst piece, how many “Buttons with Benefits” do I get.
You will get 5 buttons handmade to go with your specific piece + 1 button made using the same fabric as your piece.

Can I send you a piece of fabric to include on a button?
Absolutely! Anything meaningful to you will add a special touch to your piece.

Do you do custom?
Yes, send us your ideas and we’ll talk!

How sturdy are your pieces?
Very. They are not only decorative pieces of furniture, they are meant to be used.

Do you sell to the trade? 
Yes, drop us a line and we’ll talk.

How do you mount the headboards?
We use a French cleat to hang the headboards. It’s a long piece of metal that’s attached to the back of the headboard. The matching piece is attached to your wall. You simply slide the headboard on top of the cleat and they interlock, like puzzle pieces.