Buttons with Benefits™


Buttons with Benefits™ is a new patent-pending interchangable button system.With your order of one of our “starburst” pieces you will get one button with matching fabric and 5 different colorful buttons. Pop one off and snap a new one on whenever you need a change.

*Set includes one red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and grey button (or pink, purple, or brown upon request) 


Aruba, starburst, buttons with benefitsDove with buttons with benefitsMagenta, starburst with buttons with benefits (interchangable buttons)The Glow, starburst, buttons with benefits


Other Button Options

When ordering any of our pieces made with more than one button, you will have the option of ordering mismatched buttons, buttons in fabric matching your piece, or buttons of all one color theme. The choice is yours!

*Feel free to include pieces of fabric that we can make into buttons from some things that mean a lot to you, but take up too much room to keep…a favorite childhood dress…a baby blanket…your favorite underwear…ok, maybe not that.